Specialising in Sales Training and Leadership Training / Development programmes, Embed Learning and C.L.E.A.R Sales Training was set up in 2010 to provide the most engaging, ‘real world’ and energetic sales and leadership training programmes. They are memorable, practical and delivered with fun and passion, therefore more likely to be embedded and used in an organisation. We were sick and tired of average or poor (and worse) providers delivering mundane training programmes in the ‘same old’ style and then charging a fortune. ‘Better the devil you know’ seems to be an attitude in a lot of organisations who have training relationships.

“Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result” - Albert Einstein

Do you want different, better results? Contact us, now!

We have designed programmes that we can tailor to the needs of your organisation, we can also ‘pick and mix’ training elements that are right for you or we can simply work with you to design a bespoke training or development programme for your needs and the needs of your people, leaders and sales teams.

We have experience in designing and delivering one off training programmes, a series of progressive modular training sessions through to a full ‘Academy’ approach. If you could sum us up in one phrase, it would be ‘passionate about people and their learning’.

We specialise in Sales and Leadership training but we work in all areas of ‘soft skills’. Embed Learning & C.L.E.A.R Sales Training has worked with many companies in the Solar PV, Dental, Veterinary, IT, Nursery, Telecomms, Retail and Finance industries to name but a few.

We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, as well as national UK wide training, we can cover any other country as long as the training is requested in English.

Welcome to Embed Learning & CLEAR Sales Training LTD


Our award winning lead facilitator is James Moffatt. James is also the Managing Director of Embed Learning & CLEAR Training Ltd, an NLP Practitioner, iMA Practitioner, Executive Coach, speaker and Fellow of the ILM (FInstLM). He has Diplomas in Psychology and Special Educational Needs (SEN). James has been in sales, sales management / directorships and L&D at senior levels in blue chip corporate organisations. Passion, enthusiasm, fun, common sense and energy are what makes James such a successful coach/facilitator.